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Dallas Cowboys are the top team in the NFL

The Cowboys offense through the first three games of the season appears to be the same juggernaut that rolled through last season, maybe even better.

Through the first three games, the Cowboys' 96 points are second-most in the NFL and would be more if not for two interceptions in the opponents' end zone. The Cowboys' big-play ability - runs of 10 or more yards and passes of 25 or more yards - ranks first in the league. They have had five scoring drives of five plays or less, too.

Those numbers are actually higher than at the same point from last year. The addition of Felix Jones helps and the sudden emergence of Miles Austin on Sunday night gives the Cowboys so many weapons on offense; it's an embarrassment of riches. BTB-regular sivlerblue5 gives us the breakdown of how this powerhouse was put together, here. 

The only team in the league that looks to have the same amount of firepower that the ‘Boys have and an unblemished record is the Denver Broncos. They are also sitting at 3-0 and could be considered the best undefeated team in the NFL along with the Cowboys except for a couple of things. One, they don't play any defense. While they keep winning, it certainly doesn't come from the benefit of defensive play. Secondly, they are 3-0 because Ed Hochuli gifted them a game and Martin Gramatica couldn't hit a standard NFL field goal. They're luck has to dry up at some point and when it does it will require their defense to actually stop somebody. Tim Cowlishaw breaks down the undefeated teams and comes up with the same conclusion I do, Dallas is the tops.

Speaking of playing defense, the Cowboys are starting to live up to expectations on that side of the ball. With as many high draft picks as we have over there we should be a good defensive team and it looks like we might be getting there.

"We're slowly starting to jell, and that's huge as we get farther along in the season," nose tackle Tank Johnson said Monday.

"That's what the regular season is for, jelling for the postseason."

I guess we aren't the only ones expecting us to make the playoffs without question. Tank is already preparing for it. Here's an interesting thing about stats. You'd think we played a far superior game on defense against the Packers than we did against the Eagles. We did, but only because of one aspect of the game.

The Packers gained 334 total yards, which is only three fewer than the Cowboys allowed against Philadelphia in their wild 41-37 victory over the Eagles in Week 2. But unlike the Eagles, the Packers found the going tough in the red zone.

Stopping an opponent in the redzone makes all the difference.

I've noticed that bashing the media for their hate of the Cowboys has been a popular sport here on BTB lately. I thought I add another one for you guys to take aim at, I found this on a random blog.

Most questionable line: "You take Jessica Simpson out of the equation and what makes Tony Romo such a huge American sports star? When he wins a playoff game, then I'll call him an elite quarterback," said Mike Lupica on ESPN's "Sports Reporters" on Sunday morning.

Yikes. Did he actually say that? Yeah, I get the part about wanting him to win a playoff game, but why would any reporter dismiss Romo's accomplishments so cavalierly? Maybe he was just trying to be funny, but the jokes on him. But Lupica wasn't done:

And from the "What Game Was He Watching" Department: Lupica added: "You watched both the Cowboys and Eagles on Monday Night and did you see anything from either team that's going to keep [Giants coach] Tom Coughlin awake at night?"

This comment is too stupid for words.

Star of stage and screen Tony Curtis is getting notice beyond his work in Some Like it Hot and The Defiant Ones

"They said, 'Hey, you're going to fullback,'" Curtis said of the coaching staff. "Right now, it's just whatever they need from me. I don't mind going out there and working hard to get the job done. Whatever it takes."

Here he explains his Johnny-on-the-spot recovery of Marion Barber's fumble.

"The play with Barber, I saw the guy late," recalled Curtis. "We both had check-downs, and he was in the middle. I tried to block for him before he got hit, but if I were to hit him, it would've been a clip. So I let him go, Marion took a shot and I just happened to be right around him."

I don't know how he does it, but that guy ends up around the ball just when we need it.

Apparently, the fans in Green Bay got a little rowdy at the game. Are they gunning for the Eagles fan's reputation?


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