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Jason Campbell needs to be a marked man

Ok. We're good. I mean really good.

But our division is good too. And others are starting to peg the NFC East as the "best division in football." We've got the Super Bowl Champs, the resurgent Eagles and Redskins and, arguably, the best team in the league.

Please, don’t even try to argue that it’s not the best division in the league. The way things are going, the NFC East could make history. It has a chance to become the first division in the modern era (post-1970) to finish with winning records, top to bottom.

It’s not that we didn't see this coming. A year ago, no team in the NFC East had a losing record, the sixth time a division had every team at .500 or better. Are these teams lucky or just plain good? Definitely more of that latter, although there’s some luck involved.

Jason Campbell is a young QB with a mountain of potential. He played really well against us last year, throwing for almost 350 yards and two scores in Dallas. It took some T.O. heroics for us to pull that game out.

No one's saying Campbell is near Romo. But he can hurt us. We need to get pressure on him and keep pressure off Romo. The Deadskins are hurting with injuries. Jason Taylor is sitting this game out.

I'll take it.

Shout to BoNez and his fanshot here.

Zach Thomas and Bradie James break down the art of the blitz.

"Sometimes when you time up a blitz, you go off their motion, that helps a lot," said Thomas, who had 19 ½ sacks in 12 seasons with Miami. "And sometimes if you think they're going on first sound, they'll get up there real fast, and the quarterback will be coming right behind them. Then you look at the play clock, too."

James looks for another indicator.

"Sometimes a quarterback might hit the center before [the snap] with his hand and you know [when the snap's coming]," said James, who had a career-high three sacks last season.

Felix has a boo-boo. They say it isn't serious though.

The Dallas D has done several things well so far: get sacks, hold opponents to field goals (save the Eagles debacle) and play well in coverage. Josh Ellis argues that we need more turnovers and I don't disagree with him. 

IRVING, Texas - It's one of the oldest clichés in coachspeak: Whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game.

Through 47 games this season, that has been the case in all but eight contests. Most teams aren't good enough to overcome giveaways, and enough takeaways can help even marginal teams win games.

Of those eight games in which the fewest takeaways prevailed, the Cowboys have won three of them. They lost in turnover ratio 1-0 in Cleveland, 2-1 against Philadelphia, and 2-1 Sunday in Green Bay. So how is a team with a 5-2 turnover differential still undefeated through three weeks?

Part of it has to be the strength of their offense, which is averaging a league-best 440 yards per game and scoring 32 points per contest, third best in the NFL.

Only the Broncos and Chargers are averaging more points each week.

T.O. is a lot of things. A celebrity. A loudmouth. A phenomenal athelete. A Pro-Bowl wide receiver.

He's also a hustler.

Not in that way like this guy or these guys. I mean he hustles. Always have. Never gives up on a play. Always blocks.

JJT noticed too. He's wondering why others are late to the party.

IRVING –You can say what you want about Terrell Owens, the occasionally petulant receiver who whines – like they all do – when he doesn't get enough passes thrown his way.

No one, though, has ever questioned his effort or intensity. Not Jeff Garcia. Not Andy Reid. Not Donovan McNabb. And very unlike Randy Moss, whose inconsistent effort is among the reasons Minnesota and Oakland got rid of the game's best receiver.

That's why it's hard to figure out why so many of you seem shocked at T.O.'s hustle in the Cowboys' 27-16 win over Green Bay the other day.

Based on e-mails I received, a few of you were incredulous that T.O. sprinted nearly 55 yards down the sideline shielding Felix Jones from defenders on the rookie's 60-yard touchdown run.

Jason Witten. Real man, rolemodel and advocate who's speaking out against domestic violence.

A lot of interesting tidbits about this game. Campbell took an old guy's job just like Romo. T.O. needs two TDs to pass Marshall Faulk on the all-time touchdown list. Shaun Suisham was missing kicks for us left and right but he's played pretty well for the Deadskins. D-Ware has sacks in six consecutive games and he'll have to go through or (more likely) around the massively talented Chris Samuels.

T.O. is getting into the energy drink business. Every celebrity energy drink I've had tastes like warm p--$. I don't expect this to be anything different.

Let's not forget the thrashing they gave us last time we played. We rested a lot of people in that game and we weren't fully healthy. It still sucked though.

This movie though, I get the feeling, will not suck.


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