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Cowboys vs. Redskins: News & notes

Jay Ratliff is starting to get some love. The Rat is having a great season so far and people are noticing. Here at BTB, we have long had the love for Jay. Chris Canty sums it up: "Jay is ballin' out there."

Q&A with Tony Romo. 

I've never been a fan of this whole trap game concept. To me, it's more of an excuse for losing to an inferior team than anything else. It's one of those short-hand ways of trying to categorize stuff that is actually much more complex. And I don't see how a game against a team in the NFC East who has been one of our biggest rivals can qualify as a trap game. But Tim Cowlishaw tries to build the case, here.

Anthony Spencer thinks he's finally getting healthy. That would be good, we need to give Ware and Ellis some breaks in a game and last year Spencer showed in spurts that he has the goods to get after a QB.

From the Washington side of things:

Man, I hate Santana Moss.

Jason Campbell is developing quite nicely. 

The philosophy of the Washington defense under their new coordinator. 

Five keys to winning from the Redskins view. 


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