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Cowboys fall to Redskins, 26 - 24

The Dallas Cowboys were the favorites, but the Washington Redskins were the better team on the field today, winning the game 26 - 24. Washington came into Texas Stadium and pushed the Cowboys around in their own house and out-classed them in every phase of the game. There are no excuses for this one, the Redskins deserved to win and they did.

The Cowboys offensive gameplan was curious to put it nicely. For whatever reason Jason Garrett decided to abandon the run game in all forms. Beyond just giving up on the traditional run, he also never tried a screen and never allowed Felix Jones any touches in the offense to spread out the Redskins defense horizontally. Garrett should shoulder as much blame as anyone, although his players were not blameless. Terence Newman, and to a lesser extent Anthony Henry, could not contain Santana Moss. The Cowboys defense was guilty of poor tackling again but this time their offense wasn't able to rescue them. Tony Romo wasn't sharp with his passes and again threw a bad interception. Across the board, Washington was simply better.

I was as guilty of believing the hype as anybody who roots for Dallas. Now, I see the light. We are not ready to proclaim ourselves as the best until we can defend our home turf within our own division. This was a whipping and should send everybody involved with this team back to the drawing board. It's still a long season so there is no reason to panic. But the effort the team put forth on this day will not get it done. They need to play every game with the mindset that they are the underdogs.

Washington played the game as the underdog but walked away as the big dog.

Post your laments below but keep them clean, losing a game is no reason to lose your composure.

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