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Cowboys special teams a worry, but could be special

Keith Davis is getting his old number back. Tashard Choice took Evan Oglesby’s #23 and Keith is getting #29 back.

I was thinking about the return of Keith Davis and then about the decision to keep Alan Ball over Evan Oglesby and that led to thinking the Cowboys aren’t very confident in their special teams. Then I thought about that statement for a moment and realized that’s not really true. They're obviously concerned about their punt coverage and their kickoff coverage, but the rest of the special teams are just fine. In fact, it’s a strong point. Nick Folk is money on FG’s, so much so that when he misses I think the earth has momentarily shifted off its axis causing the ball to sail wide. Mat McBriar is as good as any punter in the league. Adam Jones can take one to the house on any given punt return and the combination of Adam Jones, Felix Jones, Miles Austin or Isaiah Stanback returning kicks is a potent mix. So in essence, it’s all good except for the coverage teams.

Orlando Scandrick gets some love

During the season, BTB usually finishes with the analyzing of the last game on Tuesday and starts with the new opponent on Wednesday. We spent the last few days discussing the roster, now we turn our attention to the Cleveland Browns.

And for all things Cleveland Browns, be sure and visit Dawgs by Nature where ChrisPokorny covers our first victim of the year. I’ll be exchanging a few posts with DBN in the next few days.

Back at TC, I posted about Don with the Hummer truck covered in Cowboys decals and how we went to the Cowboys hotel and met some players. Don also got me into the VIP section so I owed him a solid. He sent me an email and wanted me to let you guys know that he’s opening up more chapters of his Dallas Cowboys fan clubs. You can visit his website at and learn more about it. He’s opening clubs new clubs in Portland, Washington D.C. and Cape Coral, FL in addition to his original club in Ontario, CA. Visit his site or click below to read the press release.

Press Release – For Immediate Release:, creators of the “Tried, True & Bleeding Blue” FanZ Club has become one of the top Dallas Cowboys Fan Clubs in the Country. While looking for a couple of friends to watch football with in the preseason of the 2007 season, founders Don & Lisa Burr struck oil in the Dallas Cowboys pipeline. After one full season their membership has reached into the thousands, and the once small idea of finding a few friends now spans into four states.

In 2007 the FanZ Club worked with Hooter’s in Ontario, CA to show all the games; but soon found that Hooter’s could not hold all the members the FanZ Club was generating. This season the club has formed a union with the Dallas Texas based Dave & Buster’s Corporation, to utilize their Ontario, CA facility as the home base for the club. As if the union with D&B was not enough, now the DallasCowboysFanZ Club has reached out and opened chapters in Portland Oregon, Cape Coral Florida, and Washington DC.

“We had no idea a few friends would turn into a few thousand. We actually had the pleasure of having the Dallas Cowboys “True Blue” fan club director contact us to see how we could work together … Now that’s cool” said Co-Founder Don Burr on the success of the FanZ Club.

The Dallas Cowboys FanZ Club is a free club, and gives away lots of items each week to their members just for coming to watch the game. Enjoying football for these FanZ Club Members will never be the same thanks to a “Fan looking for a few friends.” Visit their website at and join today, after all it is free, so what do you have to lose. Be sure you check out the locations and see for yourself why Dallas Cowboys FanZ Club motto is, “We are all about the FanZ!”

Club locations at:

Dave & Buster’s – Mills Mall, Ontario, CA

Hooter’s Jantzen BeachPortland, OR

ScorZ Sports Bar & Grill – Cape Coral, FL

Old Dominion Brew House – Washington DC

END - Press Release

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