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Dallas Cowboys sign QB Brooks Bollinger

The DMN blog has a list of updates for you.

The highlights:


- The Cowboys signed Brooks Bollinger for a pro-rated veteran minimum, $569,411 plus a $40,000 signing bonus. He’ll wear #5.

- Terence Newman plans to play against Philly.

- Deon Anderson, speaking for MB3, says the Barbarian will practice on Wednesday.

- Mike Jefferson (cut for Bollinger) will go back to the practice squad if he clears waivers. The Cowboys find out today if James Marten cleared waivers, if he did they’ll put him on the practice squad.

- Sam Hurd is out of the walking boot and will try to start running this week.

A quick hit observation from the game by me.

Cory Procter played pretty well. Now, I know he had two plays where he whiffed in pass protection and led to Romo getting popped, but other than those and a few run block whiffs, he was effective. They did give him a lot of help from Andre Gurode, but he did OK on solo missions, too. Was he the worst of the Cowboys linemen on the day? Most likely. But when a line plays at the level the Cowboys’ did on Sunday, even the least of a group can have a good game. Montrae Holland may prove to be a better fit, we’ll see in practices this week, but I’ve got a little more confidence in Procter now than I did going into the game. He did have a few fantastic run blocks on pulls that sprung the running backs.


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