Marten Claimed by Oakland

The Cowboys hoped James Marten would get through waivers so they could put him on the practice squad, but that effort was thwarted by Oakland.

The Raiders claimed Marten, a third-round pick in 2007, and he will be on their 53-man roster.

Marten was inactive for every game last year as a rookie and was cut last Saturday so the Cowboys could call up receiver Mike Jefferson from the practice squad. He joins the list of high-round misses in the draft with Jacob Rogers (second round, 2004) and Stephen Peterman (third round, 2004).

First Walden, now Marten. Looks like another draft pick that didn't work out for the cowboys. After moving marten from tackle to guard and then back out to tackle again, and the trade for Holland pretty much sealed his fate in dallas. They tried to get him through waivers to get him another year on the practice squad to see how things would work out, but it just didn't happen. I hope Holland can step up and really show his worth. Rogers, Peterman and now Marten, can we not hire some people to better evaluate offensive linemen because we cant continue to fill roles at the position on the offensive line through free agency. We've got to start developing our own linemen

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