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Cowboys and Eagles might be the class of the division's Jay Glazer predicts Tony Romo will win MVP and Marion Barber will be the Offensive Player of the Year. Hell. To. The. Yeah!


Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Romo told me during camp that he has adjusted his pocket style based upon how Tom Brady does it. He insists it'll give him more time to find his secondary reads while minimizing pressure a bit more. He has all the weapons, a strong defense and a team that should roll this year.

He also said Tom Brady would be the runner-up (actually he gave him Honorable Mention). Whoops!

Yeah. It was a whoopin'. You know. Remember back in the day when your grandmother would make you go outside and find a switch to whoop you with after some childish transgression. It's a mind game. It says "not only am I going to whoop you, I'm going to humiliate you by making you choose your weapon of destruction." Think Gozer and the Ghostbusters. That's how bad it got.

ESPN's Matt Mosley explains how the Cowboys were the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Browns turned into Raymond Stantz. The story is here.

CLEVELAND -- Cowboys quarterback and budding philosopher Tony Romo talks about how important it is to enjoy the journey instead of skipping ahead to the destination. And judging by Sunday's result, a 28-10 victory, Cleveland was the perfect point of origin for a season of lofty expectations.

The most hyped team in the NFL thoroughly embarrassed the Browns, an alleged AFC contender, in a 28-10 victory that was over by halftime. The famed Dawg Pound replaced barks with boos as players retreated to the locker room trailing by two touchdowns.

Browns GM Phil Savage was lauded far and wide when he traded draft picks for two defensive tackles in April. But the presence of Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams only added to the humiliation. Playing behind an offensive line that included three Pro Bowlers from last year, Romo appeared to count to 10 Mississippi several times before firing passes to Jason Witten, Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton.

The Eagles and the 'Boys looked awfully good Sunday. Jennifer Floyd Engel takes notice. Do she see a trend here? Like DeNiro in "Raging Bull," I can hear her say, "I heard things. Yeah. Lil' bit." 

The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming! That's right. The hated Iggles are next up on the schedule and they are ready for the challenge.

Now, I respect the Eagles, particularly Donovan McNabb. I don't subscribe to the the theory that he's a bad QB. He's not. And I particularly respect his ability to play well against us. He's done so pretty much his whole career. Even when he plays bad, he comes back and plays well. Desean Jackson looks like the real deal. Their secondary is filled with Pro-Bowlers. They've always applied pressure to opposing QBs and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

That said, I still hate the Eagles with a passion that rivals the Hatfields and the McCoys. Their fans are disgusting, their previous stadium was a dump and they have the audacity to consider themselves superior to our franchise when they haven't won a darn thing in their sullied, pathetic, consolation-prize filled existence.

Ok. I'm still a little bitter over that loss last December and having to listen to this drunk Iggles fan rail on and on about how awesome McNabb is the entire game, despite the fact McNabb probably moonlights as a stand-in for The Fat Boys

Still I'm going to have to agree with Adam Jones on this one.

They have a good team and so do we. They looked good but they played the Rams. Not us.

We'll be ready.

[Warning: These views do not necessarily reflect the views of the managment at Blogging The Boys. Please excuse Tuna Helper and his Bud-Light-fueled rant against Eagles. He means no disrespect. Well maybe just a little. But he sincerely believes the Eagles will pose a serious challenge to the team he loves. If you didn't applaud when Michael Irvin was briefly paralyzed at The Vet, then he's obviously not talking about you. Take care and good luck to all.]

Shout out to Cowboy78 and his fanpost here.

Cool photo history of the rise of Antonio Romo. You're a lucky son-of-gun if he's on your fantasy team. Terry is in my Fantasy Football League and he picked before me so my dreams of acquiring Romo were quickly dashed. Unfortunately, I picked this guy, who barely lasted a quarter. I'm depressed to the state of self-medication about my upcoming fantasy season. Geesh.

Shout out to BoyzRback and his fanpost here.

Michael Strahan, the gap-toothed menace that terrorized several Dallas QBs for years, has a ring and is enjoying his retirement. So much so, he, gulp, is giving out compliments about the 'Boys like candy. The story is here.

"I have to be realistic and I have to be objective here," Strahan said in justifying his pick. "The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the league."

I can dig it.

We're the Cowboys. We're a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. We get the girl and score the winning touchdown at Homecoming without breaking a sweat. But guess what. We're tough too. Ask Romo and Barber.

Barber suffered bruised ribs, and Romo took a shot to the chin that required stitches.

On Monday, Barber did his usual best to avoid reporters, but was seen moving through the locker room swiftly enough that his ribs didn't appear to be bothering him. Coach Wade Phillips said Barber may not even be limited in practice this week.

Romo was seen in the training room with a butterfly bandage on his chin and white tape on the middle finger of his left hand. He asked someone how long the stitches will last and didn't show any reaction when told they'll fall out after 10 days.

Good roundup of Cowboy stories by Mosley. Also some Iggles stories thrown in as well.


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