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Cowboys random notes

I’m working on a film review that I hope to have up later tonight.

In the meantime, here’s some other stuff.

My boy Chris over at Inside the Huddle wanted me to remind you guys that the season premiere is tonight. Terrell Owens is the new host this year replacing Tony Romo and Sam Hurd is on hand as well. It starts at .

It’s Eagles week! Good times for all. If you want to keep up on all things Iggles, head on over to Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation’s  Philadelphia Eagles blog. JasonB is the main blogger over there and his blog rocks. Now, I hate the Eagles as much as any Cowboys fan, but I got much respect for Jason’s blog. Try to represent BTB with class when you venture over there. We’ll be doing some cross-posting later this week.

We now have the icon for Yahoo Buzz on some of the posts here at BTB. I don’t know much about how it works, but apparently if you guys like a post, you can add it to Yahoo Buzz for others to read or vote it up to get more attention. Feel free to recommend and vote for any BTB posts you like. Also, if you want to get BTB from RSS feeds, the address are in the left-hand sidebar.

BoDog says the Cowboys are now the favorites for the Super Bowl after Brady's injury at 4/1 followed by the Chargers, Colts, Saints and Steelers.

Don’t miss all the fine videos that BTB-regular scottmaui has linked for you down in the FanShots.

Romo and McNabb; contenders in the early, very early, MVP race

A few articles from the Philly press:


defense looked fast

against the Rams.


Cowboys/Eagles rivalry.

Cowboys WR/TE vs. Eagles secondary.


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