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Anthony Spencer arrested early Sunday morning

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WTHR in Indianapolis is reporting that Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Police say Spencer, who is from Fort Wayne and currently plays defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, tried to give the bar money to stay open later, along with his agent, Matthew Millhouse.

Police say Spencer then threw punches at bouncers, pounded on exit doors and shouted at bar staff. They say he and Millhouse also argued with police officers who told them to leave.

Obviously there will be some sort of team and/or league response over this incident. In my opinion any alcohol related problems should be met with immediate therapy and counseling, but it will interesting to see what happens. A couple of months ago Jerry Jones tried to downplay a fight between Adam Jones and his bodyguard but the league suspended him anyway. This time around there is an actual arrest involved so an actual response is warranted.

Hat tip to Philosopher for breaking the news in his fanpost.