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Garrett Passed Over by Denver, Herring Talking to Ok. State

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Jason Garrett was passed over by the Denver Broncos, who hired former Pats OC Josh McDaniels to be their new head coach, according the's Adam Schefter.

Garrett may also be lagging in Detroit.  Reports in the Detroit News  had the Lions interviewing Titans DC Jim Schwartz for a second time today, though the story suggests that Schwartz is getting the full hometown interview this time, rather than a brief game-week initial meeting.  The National Football Post's Mike Lombardi listed Schwartz as Detroit's favorite late last week.

--  Cowboys OLB coach Reggie Herring interviewed for the Oklahoma State defensive coordinators job over the weekend. 

Herring deserves credit for helping Demarcus Ware raise his rush game this year.   Ware's sack total jumped from 14 in '07 to 20 this year, in part because he improved his hand usage and began setting up blockers better.  Wade Phillips will have a tough call replacing Herring if he leaves.