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Garrett to interview with Rams; Cowboys make roster moves

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Jason Garrett's interviews continue, he's going to meet with the Rams front office on Wednesday to discuss their head coach opening.

[Jason] Garrett is expected to interview with Rams' executives on Wednesday in Los Angeles and is considered one of the five finalists for the position, along with current interim head coach Jim Haslett, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.

More on Garrett and the Rams, here. Again, I say that even though he had some struggles this year, the Cowboys would benefit from having Garrett back as the OC. I also think Tony Romo would benefit from not having to learn a new system, or at least a variant of the current system. I'm confident Garrett is smart enough and flexible enough to realize some of the mistakes from this year and correct them going into 2009.

Garrett is technically still a candidate in Detroit but it appears they are looking at some other guys, mainly Titans DC Lions Jim Schwartz.

We made some minor roster moves today. Junior Siavii will get another chance at the NT position. Also, although I haven't seen this reported anywhere else, we supposedly signed DB Jerome Carter who was a fourth-round pick of the Rams in 2005 and played quite a few games for them before being released this past summer and Matt Spanos, a center who was with the Dolphins last summer as an undrafted free agent.

Come on, Anthony Spencer, get with the program.

According to police, Spencer had alcohol on his breath as well as "slurred speech, red glossy eyes and a belligerent attitude."

Upon being told they would be arrested, Spencer responded, "Who cares? Go ahead," police said.

Nice. Sounds like someone could use a little attitude adjustment or stay away from alcohol all together.

You can always count on JJT to stir the pot