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Michael Irvin almost carjacked, Cowboys fame saves him

Wow, Michael Irvin was almost carjacked the other night and actually had a gun pulled on him. But it all turned out OK. Why? Because the robbers were big Cowboys fans and recognized the Playmaker.

The passenger rolled down his window and pointed a gun at him. Irvin said his work on the field may have saved his life -- because the would-be carjacker recognized him.

"He put it away, because he recognized me. He said, 'Hey, Mike Irvin, what's up? Mike Irvin, man, we are big Cowboy fans,'" Irvin said.

Irvin, who was known as "The Playmaker," said he knew his next play may be his most important one yet. He followed the man's lead and started talking about the Cowboys.

"And I was like, 'Yeah man, you know, I miss playing, and boy, I'm sorry we couldn't win a Super Bowl this year,' because I'm just trying to get his mind on something else so he doesn't pull that gun back up again," Irvin said.

He said his pistol-packing fans sped off after several minutes.

I'll tell you what, there's always something going on in Michael Irvin's life. Thank goodness he's OK.

Flozell Adams has been added to the Pro Bowl roster but Leonard Davis has pulled out because of a foot injury.  

Cowboys LB coach Reggie Herring says there's no truth to the rumors about him interviewing with Oklahoma State for its defensive coordinator position. 


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