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Schefter: Jason Garrett traveling to St. Louis, could be next coach

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Adam Schefter reports some very interesting news about Jason Garrett and the Rams search for a head coach.

Jason Garrett is traveling to St. Louis this afternoon, according to a league source, and it could be a sign that the Cowboys' offensive coordinator is the Rams' pick as their new head coach.

The Rams said Thursday that they wanted to have a head-coaching decision by Saturday. The team also spoke with Garrett on Friday and finalized the plans for him to come to St. Louis.

So despite the speculation that Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier or Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan could be the Rams' next coach, every sign now points to Garrett.

For those of us who desperately wanted Garrett to stay in Dallas, this doesn't look good. For those who wanted him gone, you may be getting your wish.

Hat tip to BTB-regular rhbgsherb for the FanPost.