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Garrett Taking the Strangest "Second Interview" I've Ever Seen

Add up these factoids, courtesy of  The St. Louis Post Dispatch's Jim Thomas and Bill Coats and tell me if Jason Garrett is not on the verge of getting the Rams job:

Exhibit A: 

[Billy] Devaney, the Rams' general manager, told the [St. Louis] Post-Dispatch on Thursday that "the interviews are done."

Exhibit B: 

Devaney also told the Post-Dispatch that he'd already made his recommendation to owner Chip Rosenbloom on whom he wanted to hire as the next Rams head coach.

Exhibit C: 

Garrett, the embattled offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, arrived in St. Louis early Friday evening with his wife Brill for what was described as a "second interview" with the Rams. (emphasis mine)

Exhibit D: 

Garrett also arrived in town with a garment bag — the type used to carry a suit.

Let's see.  The organization finished their interviews yesterday, and the GM has made his recommendation to the owner, and late today a candidate shows up with his wife to tour the facilities.

But the Rams are "not close" to making an offer?

What were Mr. and Mrs. Garrett doing then?  See if you believe Billy Devaney:

"Jason didn't know much about St. Louis, and he wanted to look at the facility. We're not close to moving on Jason Garrett. I'm not even going to say he's the leading guy."

What organization invites a candidate and his wife to tour the facilities just for fun? None that I've ever seen.   Jason Garrett could be playing a game of chicken with Jerry Jones, but why would the Cowboys make Wade Phillips fire his friend and protege Brian Stewart if they were were contemplating whacking him days later?

Jerry may be foolish, but he's not cruel.  Doing that to Wade Phillips would be flat out sadistic.

It's looking more and more like Dallas will be hiring two new coordinators in the coming days.


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