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As the Coordinators Turn: Spagnuolo Gets the Rams Job

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer Bernie Miklasz claims the Rams are in the late stages of negotiating a contract with New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and will announce him as their new head coach today.

Where does this leave us now?  Assuming the story is true:

  • It means the Cowboys are looking for a defensive coordinator.
  • It means the Cowboys are keeping their offensive coordinator.
  • It probably means the Terrell Owens-is-under-review story will revive for another couple of weeks at minimum. 

Update:  The NFL Network has corroborated the linked story.  It's a done deal.  Note, Adam Schefter's story claims Spagnuolo received a four year, $11.5 M contract, meaning he'll make less than Jason Garrett makes in Dallas.

What of Garrett's motives?  Was he putting some heat on Dallas, as the more melodramatic interpretations suggest -- this was an attempt to leverage his position in the organization and push Owens aside?  For now, we'll have to take last night's Post-Dispatch story at face value. 

In the meantime, head down to your local grocery and stock up on popcorn, chips and the spirits of your choice.  To paraphrase the late, great Bette Davis, "fasten your seatbelts.  It's going to be a bumpy offseason."