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Playoff games open thread

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It's time for the game we all hoped the Dallas cowboys would be playing in - the NFC Championship game. Our NFC brethren Philadelphia Eagles travel out to the desert to take on the Arizona Cardinals for the right to go to the Super Bowl. I can't bring myself to ever root for the Eagles, so I'm definitely supporting the Cards. Plus, Ken Whisenhunt is a Georgia Tech guy, so I gotta support my fellow Yellow Jacket.

Later today, the Baltimore Ravens lock horns with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC Championship crown. I can't find a good angle to root for either of these teams. I still got a little hate for the Ravens since they decked us in the closing game of Texas Stadium. But I really don't want the Steelers to have a chance to pass us on the way to a sixth Super Bowl title, so I'm going with the Ravens.

This is an opn thread for both playoff games.