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Green Monday: Capers Joins the Packers

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Longtime assistant and former Panthers and Texans head man Dom Capers has taken the defensive coordinator post with the Green Bay Packers, according to the Green Bay Post Gazette:

He interviewed with [Packers' HC Mike] McCarthy on Friday night and Saturday. McCarthy might have moved quickly to hire him because the New York Giants also reportedly were interested in hiring Capers as their defensive coordinator.

That last point is the important one. The Giants were rumored to have Capers lined up to succeed Steve Spagnuolo, who took the Rams head job on Saturday.

-- The Giants are now expected to elevate one of DL coach Mike Waufle, LB coach Bill Sheridan or secondary coach Pete Giunta to DC.  The team is concerned that Spagnuolo will take one of these three to St. Louis to be the Rams new DC.

-- All the New York dailies report that Rex Ryan will be named the Jets new head coach today.

-- Questions about Andy Reid's and especially Donovan McNabb's futures in Philadelphia were raised again after the Eagles' loss to the Cardinals.  The Philly front office has been stedfast the past few weeks that both will return.

On Sunday morning, ESPN's Chris Mortensen said on air that he had been told in late December that both might have departed had the Eagles missed the playoffs

On the NFL Network's post-games show, Deion Sanders was adamant that McNabb wants out of Philadelphia.  He may have been playing the audience, but he sounded serious that McNabb no longer feels appreciated in the city.  Watch this one.  Remember, when it was necessary to defend his staff, Jerry Jones said it was going to remain in place.  Two firings later, most of it is in place.

I wonder how the Eagles front office will feel about the Reid-McNabb status quo in 48 to 72 hours?