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Cowboys assistants sought by other teams

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An update on the coaching searches around the NFL involving Cowboys assistants. The Rams are interested in receivers coach Ray Sherman.

According to a source, Dallas Cowboys wide receivers coach Ray Sherman will be asked to interview for the St. Louis Rams head coaching vacancy.

Meanwhile, Jason Garrett, despite any misgivings Cowboys fans might have about his 2008 performance, is still a hot commodity, at least for interviews. The Rams might be considering him in addition to Sherman. 

In addition, the Rams are considering former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel and have talked to the agents of Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Dallas assistant head coach-offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Also, the Broncos have him on their list of candidates.

The Broncos have also sought - but not yet been given - permission to interview offensive coordinator Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys.

So by my count that's the Rams, Broncos and Lions who want to talk to Garrett.

After the firing of special teams coach Bruce Read, the name that keeps popping up as a successor is Joe DeCamillis.

Sources said the team is interested in Jacksonville special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, who coached with Phillips when Phillips was defensive coordinator at Denver and Atlanta.

DeCamillis, whose two-year contract with the Jaguars ended after the season, was not available for comment.

DeCamillis has had a successful career as a special teams coach and would be a welcomed addition if the Cowboys go in that direction.

In the "yeah, I remember that" department, Mike Holmgren at his final press conference for the Seahawks was asked about his greatest achievements as GM of Seattle. His answer:

(On what his proudest achievements were as general manager) I felt pretty good after we got two No. 1s for Joey Galloway (from the Dallas Cowboys in 2000). I was dealing with Jerry Jones, and Jerry's a pretty shrewd guy but a dealmaker. That worked out well for us, that particular trade.