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Jerry Jones speaks but doesn't say much

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We finally heard from Jerry Jones yesterday but he wasn't exactly forthcoming on a lot of issues and he refused to discuss most of the hot-button topics facing the Cowboys. It's strange to have Jerry Jones not ready and willing to talk about all things Cowboys, he's never been shy about it before. I welcome this development because I think the Cowboys actually talk a little too much in the media instead of handling some stuff in-house. Meanwhile, Wade Phillips has refused to talk to the press at all.

The most-welcome news that came from Jerry was the fact that they are having initial discussions with DeMarcus Ware's agent about getting him signed to a new contract. If nothing else happens, that's the one thing the Cowboys have to do - they have to keep Ware. The guy is a beast and is easily one of the top defensive players in the league. They can't blow that one.

On free agency, Jerry was asked if they would be big players or would hold-off somewhat because most of the starting positions are filled and most of the players are signed to be here for a while. Jerry's response:

"I don't expect much in free agency. I don't for that reason, because we've made a lot of commitments on our roster. It's a positive. I view it as a real positive, the strengths that we have, and that's why I want to take a lot of what we've got - and certainly we'll make some changes where we think we can improve - but basically get this team back out on the field. We've got something to prove."

Jerry was asked about the status of RW1, you remember, that guy who plays strong safety.

"Again, he's a part of our evaluation and assessment. And a big part of it. There're things that Roy can really, with Wade's scheme and what we're trying to do defensively, there's an area that Roy can really excel and help us excel. So we've got to really evaluate that."

Q: Could you envision him playing a hybrid safety/linebacker position?

"We've always thought he would really, at any time, be an impact player up near the line. And certainly, when you're talking about putting pressure on a team, we've always thought he was capable of doing that. That comes to my mind immediately when I think of what he can contribute."

It sounds like they are inclined to keep him for another year although it wasn't exactly a concrete answer.

Most of the other answers concerned team chemistry and the criticism that the Cowboys are receiving over their disappointing season. Jerry's answers gave no real clues as to what they have planned. He also mentioned he hasn't talked to Anthony Spencer since his arrest and would wait to comment on it until he has a chance to discuss the facts with Spencer.

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