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Dallas Cowboys news & notes (including new comments from Tony Romo)

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  • [UPDATE] Tony Romo talked to the media on Wednesday. He discussed leadership and how it comes with experience.

    "I'm definitely going to take a more active approach with [leadership] as we move forward from last year to this season."

    He also commented on his comments after the Eagles game which upset a lot of fans.

    Romo admits he gets "philosophical," about things because it "might ease the pain of the moment," and that's what he said he did in Philadelphia.

    "I might have tried to find a silver lining to talk myself into feeling OK," Romo said. "But I'm still not OK with it."

    He didn't want to talk about T.O. stating he's done that already and commented a little on Jason Garrett (they're fine) and that he practices hard and the coaches have never questioned that.  

    Hat tip to troysboys for the link.

  • says the Cowboys have shown interest in Cal LB Zack Follett and Boston College DL Ron Brace at the Senior Bowl. The Ranch Report says we have also been talking to Connecticut DE Cody Brown who will move to OLB in the NFL. I'll leave it to some of you draft gurus to fill us in on those players.
    • Tim Cowlishaw makes the case that Jerry should just bite the bullet and fire Wade Phillips now and hire Mike Shanahan. Can't say I totally disagree but I think that ship has sailed for this year. It's hard to believe Jerry would wait this long to make a decision like that.
    • Well, everything you wanted to know about "Hollywood" Henderson can be found in this article over at ESPN. His quip that Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted him the "C" and the "A" is still a classic. Just wish the Steelers couldn't spell "win" in that Super Bowl.
    • MB3 will be good to go for offseason workouts and Jason Witten will not need surgery for his many ailments. 

    NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin is launching a reality television show on Spike TV.

    The show, which is untitled, will feature twelve amateurs who will move to Dallas and compete against one another to earn a shot at a spot in Dallas Cowboys training camp next summer and potentially a spot on the team.

    The show will have six WR's and six CB's competing for the spot. Is this what we've really come to? Just stop it Dallas Cowboys, I mean really, stop it. And yeah, I'll watch it. But only because I'm insane.