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Friday night Cowboys links

Sorry about the light amount of posting, other projects are getting in the way.

Todd Archer goes to bat for Tony Romo.

Mike Lombardi offers his own take on Romo becoming a leader. 

Oftentimes, young players must learn leadership; it is not a natural trait.  This is the most important act of the offseason for the ‘Boys.  They would see more significant improvement by helping to make Tony a leader than if they added another fullback or linebacker.  Fixing your own team is always best, and now that Romo is open to accepting his role, the Cowboys must step forward and show him how to lead.  If he knew how to be a leader, he would have done it already.  His words are mixed and uncertain, so this gives Jerry Jones a perfect opportunity to bring in the right people and show Romo how to lead.  General Electric does it, Wal-Mart does it, Google does it. Why not the Cowboys? 

T.O. loves him some Romo. 

"Oh, that's my boy," said T.O., who certainly doesn't seem to be sweating speculation that the Cowboys could cut him. "We're good. Obviously, there were some things said during the course of the season, but that's my boy.

"We're going to try to get this thing back on track and bring a championship to Dallas."

Mike Strahan on how he could be a leader in Dallas. 

Strahan said he could go into that Cowboys locker room, and tell everyone, "Look, I've done it." That's all that matters. Dan asked Strahan what he would tell Terrell Owens. "I don't care what you've done as an individual," Stahan said. "What have you done that I haven't done. But here's the key ... I've won a Super Bowl, you haven't."

Methinks someone has a swollen head

Todd Haley has a temper but he's getting results. 

Zach Thomas, rather Thomas' agent, is not ruling out a return to Dallas. 


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