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Help me welcome two new front-page contributors at BTB

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It's a special day here at BTB. It's my extreme pleasure to introduce two new front-page bloggers to this community. Before I do that, let me say thanks to everybody who applied for the position. I read all the emails and wanted to pull in five or six people, so I hope you guys won't be mad at me if you didn't get selected. Some of you have been around for a long time and add a lot to this blog, you are part of the reason BTB succeeds; I really do value your contributions.

Initially, we used the criteria of very active members who write substantial comments or write regular FanPosts, and we also factored in the limited-time the BSR-guys have had on the blog. This left us with a handful of applicants, but the decision was made easier because of the opinions expressed about a couple of guys in particular by the rest of the BTB community. Once Raf and I matched up our thoughts with your thoughts, two guys emerged.

Please welcome your new front-page bloggers - Jim Vance and GloryDayz88.

I'll let them introduce themselves a little more in a couple of posts later today. But you guys already know them. I think they're going to be an excellent addition to BTB. Jim Vance is always writing comments that spur discussion and are insightful; more than your average, everyday comment. GloryDayz88 takes on all subjects in his FanPosts, writing thought-provoking articles that inevitably end up on the recommended list.

Thanks to Brandon and Tuna Helper who paved the way for adding new voices to BTB's front-page. It was an experiment when I brought them on board and it worked, allowing us to continue the practice. Those two guys will be guest-posting every once in a while. Of course, Brandon is busy with his Dallas Stars blog, Defending Big D.

So please join me in welcoming Jim Vance and GloryDayz88 as front-page contributors.