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Introduction: Carl Shelton (GloryDayz88)

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Before I formally introduce myself, I feel an obligation to use these first few lines to thank Grizz, Raf, Brandon, Tuna, Raul, and anyone else who was involved in the selection process. I would also like to thank everyone who recommended me for this position, and also those who took the time to read and comment on my posts. I am very proud and feel very fortunate to be a part of this team.

As far as me from a personal standpoint, I am a 26-year-old Des Moines, Iowa-native, though I refer to Sarasota, Florida as my second home. I am married, and the Lord has blessed my wife and I with three wonderful daughters, our most recent addition being born only ten days ago. Outside of the time I spend with my family, I don't do much other than work out, and risk frostbite on a daily basis as I travel across the state repairing hot tubs. Yeah, not real exciting.

My football credentials are modest. I, like every other warm blooded American male, played high school football of course. After that I spent two seasons playing wide receiver and busting the wedge at NAIA Graceland University. My poor off-field choices shortened my college playing days, but I apparently did enough to get a couple of looks from a few CFL and Arena squads. Nothing really materialized, though I did stick around for a cup of coffee (more like instant coffee) with the Evansville Bluecats of the United Indoor Football league. It's sad but looking back I would have to say one of my biggest accomplishments was being a part of a defense that roughed up Kyle Orton in his first high school start. My resume is nothing to tell my grandkids about, but I think I've played enough ball to have perspective on certain things. I have never been near the NFL, but with a lot of things football is just football.

As I said, I am honored to be a part of BTB. I think that we have a good thing going here, and I will do the best I can to further improve it. I'm glad that this blog is committed to a level of integrity and professionalism unseen in other NFL blogs.

My promise to all of you is to work diligently, to be credible, and to be open-minded toward the views, opinions, and beliefs of everyone in this family. At times I start fires to raise interest, but at the end of the day, we are all here for the same reason. This is going to be a lot of fun.


...and GO SEMINOLES...take that Grizz.