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Dan Reeves = Football Guy

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To all those clamoring for Jerry Jones to "bring in a football guy,"  here you go.  The team is apparently negotiating with Dan Reeves to serve as a consultant.

What role will a consultant have?  Whatever the team feels necessary.  Reeves served in an advisory capacity to Texans owner Bob McNair after the Texans fell to 2-14 during the '05 campaign.  Reeves was recruited in December of '05 and observed the team, broke down film, met with then HC Dom Capers and GM Charlie Casserly and reported to McNair. 

It's not clear what Reeves told McNair, but the team fired Capers immediately after the season and replaced Casserley after the next April's draft.  Reeves had a hand in hiring current HC Gary Kubiak. 

Reeves' breadth and depth of experience means he could be utilized in a number of ways.  He might evaluate the team's personnel, and give another opinion heading into the off-season.  This would not be a novel practice for the Cowboys.  Bill Parcells used to invite former Packers GM Ron Wolf to visit training camp every August and give an independent assessment of the roster.  He also brought in former coach Chuck Fairbanks and asked him to do the same.  Parcells wanted personnel eyes he trusted to ensure he was not fooling himself about his teams' strengths and weaknesses.  Reeves might perform a similar task this year.

Reeves could also perform assessments of the team's game plans and preparation methods, meaning he could offer feedback to Jason Garrett and to long time friend Wade Phillips.  This relationship makes the hire appealing.  Phillips served as Reeves' DC in both Denver and Atlanta, and provides the least threatening, and yet valued voice the team could hire. 

Is Dallas Waiting on a DC?

I talked to Dave over the weekend about the Cowboys' easy-going search for Brian Stewart's replacement.  We both wondered if there is a coach on either the Cardinals or the Steelers staff whom the Cowboys might approach for the spot?

A quick review of defensive position coaches shows two names who might fit the bill.  Cardinals LB coach Bill Davis worked with Wade Phillips in Atlanta and helped him set up the 3-4 scheme for Dan Reeves.  I don't know if the multi-year vet is coordinator material but he's as good a guess as any.

The Steelers DB coach Ray Horton has Cowboys ties.  He was Dallas' starting free safety on Jimmy Johnson's first teams.  He's had a long career coaching secondaries in Washington, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  He can take credit for developing Troy Polamalu, which speaks well of his coaching skills. 

Again, I'm doing nothing but thinking out loud, but with no news on this hire, I encourage you to offer other candidates. 

Trivia:  The Cardinals' staff could be Tuna West.  Todd Haley (OC) Freddie Kitchens (TEs) and Maurice Carthon (RBs) all worked for Bill Parcells in Dallas.  Add Clancy Pendergast, who served for Dave Campo, and you have a heavily Cowboys' flavor to that sideline.