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Never can say goodbye ...

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All good things come to an end.

A Tribe Called Quest broke up.

Duane Allman died. Isaac Hayes died.

Robert Duvall wasn't in Godfather III.

The day has come, gentlemen. I will no longer be a regular front-page contributor to BTB. That honor is left to the able hands of Grizz, Raf, Jim Vance and GloryDayz88. I will continue to be a guest contributor though so you'll get to hear all about what brand of beer I'm drinking the next time a calamity strikes the 'Boys. Lord my team is hard on my liver. (Sidenote: I can't believe Tequiza has been discontinued! I'll miss consoling myself with that quirky beer).

I thank Grizz for allowing me to write for this awesome blog. I felt honored the day he chose me and I still do. He's gone out of his way to be patient while dropping nuggets of knowledge along the way. There's a reason everybody respects him.

I thank my man Brandon W for his friendship. The inclusiveness of his writing style is something to behold. He's shared an awful lot about his personal life and how the ups and downs of the season affected that. Most of all I'd like to nominate his wife for MOST AWESOME WIFE EVER for getting him tickets to a Cowboy game on his birthday. She deserves an infomercial!

I realize it's easy to take things for granted. I certainly have. It's hard to remember the days when I didn't have an outlet to express my joy, anger, frustration or passion for this team that I love. But it did exist. I've been in sports bars all over this country pulling for this team. It seems like people gravitate to Cowboys fans. I'd meet all kinds of different people: drug addicts, business men and woman, gang members, grandparents, college students, emo kids, faithful girlfriends, rednecks. All with an opinion about the 'Boys. This blog was the first place I came to that allowed me to express myself unabashedly. It was like the sports bar experience times a thousand. It's something I will always cherish about this blog. 

So does this mean I'm leaving? Heck no! I'll be around to add my two cents. I'll be around to support Jim Vance and GloryDayz88. I'm particularly excited about these two guys. I think they will add a dynamic dimension to the blog. Welcome guys. I know you'll do good work. I'll be around to stick up for Bob Hayes (FAMU baby!), criticize the local Dallas media (it's a thankless job but someone has to do it), post silly youtube videos, and, most of all, sip that glistening, sparkling red Cowboy Kool-Aid.

Most of all this change will allow me to concentrate on two things: my studies and my wedding. I still have roughly about a year left to go in law school and I'm getting married in July. So if your near Orlando on July 11 feel free to come on down and kick it with the fam. We'll have plenty of Hennessey (my favorite drink) and other spirits. Just look for the group that's doing the Electric Slide at the reception. That's us.

Alright ya'll. I need to hit up IHOP for a Chicken Fajita omelette and wash it all down with some Bud Light. Stay true and blue guys.