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Groundhog Day with Roy Williams

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The phone rings Friday afternoon. It's DCFanatic. I can tell right away by the tone of his voice something's up. It's RW2. While giving some interviews on Friday, Roy Williams managed to toss plenty of people under the proverbial bus.

My initial reaction - Groundhog Day. What's new? Another Cowboy decides to air-it-out in the press. My second reaction - good. Add some more fuel to the fire and blow it up.

Time to opine on another Cowboy who either: a) spoke the truth b) personified the modern narcissist athlete c) threw his team under the bus or d) all of the above. Isn't it always ‘all of the above' with the Cowboys? It's become tough to even analyze what these guys are saying anymore.

I couldn't even generate a healthy outrage or a healthy agreement with Roy. I wasn't even amused by it.

Rationally, I can see that this team could be very good. This upcoming season, if we sidetrack the injury bug, we could be back in the playoffs. We could be dangerous. I see the talent, I see the potential.

But they're never going to get anywhere if they all don't shut up.

Sure, they have the right to speak their minds, by the same token they have the right to lose football games. Sure, the media stirs things up with the questions, which is their right. But the players have the right to do their best impression of Crash Davis teaching Nuke LaLoosh his clichés and give them nothing. "We'll just take it one game at a time." "I'm just trying to help the team." Clichés are your friends - learn them, love them.

Jerry Jones, your team is dysfunctional, do something about it.

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