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Adam We Hardly Knew Ye: The Cowboys Cut Pacman Jones

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The Pacman experiment  has ended.  ESPN is running a crawl announcing the Cowboys have released the troubled Adam Jones.

Jones was part of Dallas' carpet-bombing approach to the cornerback position in the '08 offseason.  After losing Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones in free agency, the Cowboys finished March with only starters Anthony Henry and Terence Newman on the roster, and both were going to be 30 or older at some point in the campaign.

The Cowboys gave the then suspended Jones a chance to revive his career and figured he could be a quality nickel back and punt returner while rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick adjusted to the pro game.

Jones was valuable early, when Newman was hobbled by a hernia.  However, he lost his place and tried the team's patience when he fought with his bodyguard in a Dallas hotel bathroom.  The tiff led to Jones' suspension. 

The team learned in his absence that Scandrick and Jenkins could play.  The team probably thought he would block the kids going forward.

Jones was a bust as a punt returner, averaging just 4.5 yards per return.  Add the medical risk from a neck injury he suffered against Pittsburgh and that he's on his ninth NFL life and the Cowboys must have decided the time was right to move on without him.

You wonder if today's hiring of the no-nonsense special teams coach Joe DeCamillis had something to do with the release of the all-nonsense Jones?

Note:  Jones signed a multi-year deal with Dallas before the season, but it provided no signing bonus.  The Cowboys suffered no cap damage by releasing him.