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Cowboys wait on other teams; list of NFL offseason dates

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Not much going on in the world of the Cowboys except waiting on the Jason Garrett situation to get sorted out. There appears to be some confusion over Garrett being the leading candidate for head coach of the Lions. Meanwhile, out in Denver things should start to clear up after the weekend.

The search committee will spend the next two or three days thoroughly discussing each candidate. By Monday, the committee will bring back one to three finalists for a second interview or present an offer to the top choice.

One interesting note is that if Garrett became the head coach in Denver, he would actually end up taking a pay cut.

Ray Sherman is still waiting for his interview with the Rams. 

Team chemistry is a hot topic for the Cowboys. 

Over at The National Football Post, the Cowboys get slammed for not just one, but two of the worst signings of 2008. And they're both WR's - T.O. and RW2.

Someone sent me this list of offseason dates for the NFL. I can't confirm its accuracy but it looks about right. Let me know if you find different information.

January 15: Deadline for underclassmen to apply for early entry to NFL draft
January 17: East West Shrine Game
January 18: Deadline for underclassmen to withdraw application for early entry to NFL draft
January 19-24: Senior Bowl Week
February 15: NFL signing period for CFL players under contract ends
February 22: Deadline for NFL teams to designate franchise and transition players
February 18-24: NFL Scouting Combine
February 27: Free Agency begins
March 1: NFL teams must be under salary cap
March 3: NFL trading and veteran free agent signing periods begin
April 15: NFL restricted free agent signing period ends
April 25-26: NFL Draft, New York
June 1: Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned unrestricted free agents to receive exclusive negotiating rights for rest of season if player is not signed by another club by July 22; Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned restricted free agents or to extend qualifying offer to retain exclusive negotiating rights.
June 15: Deadline for old clubs to withdraw original qualifying offer to unsigned restricted free agents and still retain exclusive negotiating rights by substituting tender of 110 percent of previous year's salary.