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And Now for Something Completely Different

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Because my ADHD-addled brain cannot handle another thread hijacked by Romo or T.O. haters, I offer mock draft 1.0, the pre-Senior Bowl edition. 

It's fortified by the news that, thus far, as many as 15-20 underclassmen could elbow their way into the top 30-40 picks.  I'm only going 5 rounds deep, because I've just started my research:

-- 2nd round (51)  Louis Delmas, S,  Western Michigan.  Rated in the 28-30 range among seniors, he'll drop into Dallas' orbit when the juniors are added to draft boards.   A smart playmaker at a position of crying need.

-- 3rd round (69)  Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas.  This is a rich crop of centers.  Luigs runs a 4.9, easily the fastest time at his position.  This tells me he can probably pull and double as a guard.  He's also 314 lbs, which also means he's not an Al Johnson-like runt. 

He's a master of the shotgun snap, having anchored the Hogs attack that featured Felix Jones and Darren McFadden.  He's bigger than Kyle Kosier and has the strength and smarts to challenge Andre Gurode.  Here's that much needed interior backup who can push Cory Proctor off the roster immediately and push for a starting spot shortly thereafter.

-- 4th round --  Terrance Taylor, NT, Michigan

-- 4th round -- Gerald Cadogan, OT, Penn St.

-- 5th -- Joshua Mauga, ILB, Nevada

There.  Turn this into a Romo or T.O. thread.  I dare you!