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Garrett Still a Candidate in Denver

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The Denver Post printed a story earlier this evening (sorry, I can't link to it because it was yanked as I was in the process of reading it) that says the Broncos have reduced their head coaching list from seven names to five. 

The list includes three defensive coordinators -- Raheem Morris of Tampa Bay, Steve Spagnuolo of New York and Leslie Frazier of Minnesota -- and offensive coordinators Josh McDaniel of New England and Jason Garrett of Dallas.

The Broncos search committee may in fact offer a contract to one of these five after further deliberation.

More as it becomes available. 

For corroboration of the initial story, see this synopsis on ProFootballTalk.

Update, from The Rocky Mountain News:

Broncos officials, including Bowlen and chief operating officer Joe Ellis, will meet at 11 a.m. Saturday to discuss which, if any, candidates are brought in for a second interview.

No decisions on that front had been made as of Friday night.

Also at Saturday’s meeting, the Broncos could decide not to conduct second interviews with any of the candidates and to make a formal offer to one of them, other than Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.


11 am. That's just after noon tomorrow, Central time. Get your popcorn ready.