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BTB Game Balls: Panthers @ Cowboys

It's time to hand out game balls for the Cowboys' home victory over the Panthers. We've got one for a player from each unit: offense, defense, special teams. We've even got one for the coaching staff.

Make the jump to see who gets a game ball.


Tashard Choice - He just keeps chugging along and makes the most of his opportunities. No, Choice is not as explosive as the other backs, but he is consistent. He reinforced that against Carolina. He adds value as a receiver (targeted seven times, caught four for 36 yards), and puts a little more mustard on his blitz pickups than Felix does.

The Cowboys controlled the ball for more than 37 minutes on Monday night. Choice was one of the main reasons they could do that.

Honorable Mention: Jason Witten, Felix Jones


Keith Brooking - During the open threads the other night, somebody mentioned how fast Brooking looks. The dude just flies around looking for the ball carrier. And he has no problem taking on a fullback head-on. In the first quarter, he shot through  the offensive line, got around the FB, and tackled James Stewart for a four-yard loss. That put the Panthers in a 2nd-and-19 situation.

With the Panthers facing a 3rd and 3 on their opening drive in the second half, Brooking broke up a pass to Dante Rosario that would have been enough for a first down. It set up the first of four consecutive three-and-outs for the defense. Those are the kinds of plays this defense needs to make.

Honorable Mention: Jay Ratliff, Terence Newman

Special Teams

Mat McBriar - I know it's a boring pick and Crayton looked great on punt returns, but McBriar showed some nice control Monday night. All five of his punts landed inside the 20. Although he averaged only 37.4 yards per punt, the Cowboys asked him to punt often from a short field. In a tight game, they played the field position battle and he proved to be a weapon in that regard.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Crayton, David Buehler


Skip Peete - Let's give some love to Peete. All of his boys show up ready to bring their "A" game each week. Whether it's MBIII, Felix, or Tashard finding holes, or Cricket creating them, Peete has helped this unit become the best in the league.

Honorable Mention: Joe DeCamillis, Jason Garrett

Who gets your game balls?