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Cowboys by the Numbers: Defense, Week Three

A week three recap:

Pass Rushers

  • 4 -- 26 times
  • 5 -- 4 times
  • 6 -- 5 times
  • 7 -- 1 time

Maybe there is something to four man pressure.  Wade blitzed a lot more in the first half, sending 5 or more on 6 of the 15 first half pass plays, or 40% of the time. In the second half, only three of the 20 rushes brought more than four men.  All three sacks came on four man calls.  Credit to Wade for not going crazy and letting his rushers simply improve their work.

Corner Metrics

  • Terence Newman -- 9 attempts, 5 completions, 44% success rate, 49 yards, 5.4 YPA, one interception
  • Mike Jenkins -- 8 attempts, 5 completions, 38% success rate, 60 yards, 7.5 YPA,one interception
  • Orlando Scandrick -- 1 attempt,  1 completion, 6 yards,  6.0 YPA

A 5.4 YPA is what you expect from your top corner.  Newman had safety help over the top, but I would give anybody help with Steve Smith.  Newman got results.  Jenkins' line is solid, but not great.  Poor first half tackling hurt his line, as it did for Newman.  They were a combined 3/7 for 28 yards after the half, a nice, tidy 4.0 YPA.  This, and much better coverage from the linebackers on TE Donte Rosario, was a big reason the Cowboys started that half with four consecutive three-and-outs.

Run Defense

  • Left -- 4 attempts, 10 yards, 2.5 YPA
  • Middle -- 7 attempts, 32 yards, 4.6 YPA
  • Right -- 3 attempts, 18 yards, 6.0 YPA

Pretty solid all the way around.  That right YPA was blown up by DeAngelo Williams' 16 yard draw on 3rd-and-16.  HE got a couple of big draws up the middle, but Carolina never got any consistent inside running.  You can see Igor Olshansky's run stopping skills in that 2.5 YPA on plays to his side. 

There remains plenty of room for improvement, but this game lacked the open wounds you saw on parts of the Bucs and Giants game lines. 

Note:  If anybody can provide a tape (yep, old school VHS tape) of the Giants game, shoot me an e-mail.  My DVR died and took my games 1 and 2 recordings with it.  I'd like to get season stats up, but can't until I can break down the New York game.   I'll pay the cost of mailing and the blank cassette.

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