As week 6 winds down... Best Bye Week Ever??

I know it's not the right thing to do, gloat over another man's misery... but it sure as hell is fun!! The Giants got steamrolled in New Orleans. Pancaked. Trounced. When you mix in their easy schedule save for the Cowboys game, don't they seem a lot less daunting then the national mediots make them out to be? (On the flip side... Payton really has Dem Saints rocking right now.. very scary, best team in the NFC).

Not that anyone was really worried about them since the season kicked off, but I live in DC. The only thing more fun than laughing and pointing at them bums is a Cowboys victory. I can't wait to hear what John Riggins has to say this week. To be the only win on 3 different teams schedule (and shouldve lost to Tampa!) is poetic justice for this franchise.

That brings us to Philly... LMAO!!! how fun was that game to watch?!?!?! Missed field goals, numerous sacks on McNabb.. a loss to the lowly Raiders and the ever inaccurate Jamarcus Russell. That drops the mighty Eagles, the darlings of the national media... down to the same ol' 3-2 as our beloved Cowboys.

6 weeks in, 11 to go, and we are now back in proper positioning. Someone has to lose tonight between the Bears and the Falcons, with the winner taking the pole position for the Wild Card spot. And no, it's never too early for a FAN to worry about playoff positioning. The loser? They'll be sitting at 3-2 and ties with 4 other teams for the last Wild Card spot; Philly, Arizona, Green Bay, and you guessed it... Dallas.

Not only are we in great positioning for the Wild Card now, but we also control our own destiny as far as the division goes.

Most importantly... during the bye week I think alot of Cowboys fans got a chance to watch other teams play. Maybe eyes will open that the other teams out there can self destruct too, and you don't write them off as contenders, do you? Some fans just dont watch other teams and tend to think the problems Dallas faces aren't presented to the other 31 teams. They are, they just don't lead Sportscenter all week.

I know, pure speculation to how it all plays out- but luck is preparation meeting opportunity. The opportunity has presented itself... of all places during a week off.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.