Huge day to jumpstart the boys...

With a HHHHHUUUGGGGEEEEE and embarrassing loss from the Giants, Eagles, and Redskins getting beat by the Saints, Raiders, and Chiefs respectively. This week was a massive jump start right back into the thick of the NFC EAST title race. Every Cowboy watching the games today should be foaming from the mouth and anxious to get back on the field to gain the lead in the east and get our respect back. I am so excited and optimistic for the second half of the cowboys season. This blog is going to blow up after the remarks I am about to say........But I strongly believe as a realistic life time cowboys fan that we can and I deep down inside feel we will go 9 and 2 for the rest of the year. If we can take the falcons out at home with fresh legs out of the bye, then take care of the seahawks like we should, THEN get our much awaited revenge on the eagles for the embarrisment they caused us for the entire off season. AND THEN compete and get a close win against the packers which is feasible, THEN take out the redskin and raiders, NEXT we get our revenge on the giants for spoiling our stadium opener that I paid thousands to go to from NEW JERSEY. THEN We got the chargers and saints I believe we will definetly lose ONE of these games, FINALLY we end with the redskins and eagles and I also believe we will lose one of these. So 12-4, we have the talent and coming out of the bye we will be more organized and prepared. I hope a lot of people agree, but for those who the weeks go bye I want you to think about this blog and how accurate it will be.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.