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Cowboys Blow Away Atlanta 37-21; Miles Austin Stars Again

Now that's how you do it.

The 4-1 Atlanta Falcons came in with designs on legitimizing their claim to NFC powerhouse, but they ran into a Dallas Cowboys team that had its own plan - and that didn't include losing. The Cowboys had too much firepower on their way to a 37-21 romp over the Falcons.

Dallas moved to 4-2 and have discovered a new weapon along the way. I don't want to get the anointing oil out yet, but I did check to see if I had a good supply on hand, because Miles Austin showed that his breakthrough performance last week was no fluke. 176 yards and two touchdowns later, Austin is on way to being legit.

A few other quick observations. Mike Jenkins is starting to play like a first-round pick; picking up an INT, making a couple of great open field tackles, and delivering a devastating hit on a Falcons receiver. Patrick Crayton turned his anger at being demoted into production on the field including a receiving TD and a punt return for a TD.

The defensive pass rush was phenomenal. The Cowboys didn't even have to rely on an overabundance of blitzes to get pressure on Matt Ryan. Ryan, who had been sacked twice all year, was sacked four times and pressured on numerous other plays. The Cowboys defense as a unit got three turnovers, DeMarcus Ware had two of the sacks and a forced fumble, and at the end of the game they were physically punishing the Falcons.

Tony Romo was simply golden. That kind of performance is why we expect so much out of the kid. Because we know he can do it.

Raf will be by later with a longer analysis, but use this thread to celebrate the victory.