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BTB Game Balls: Falcons @ Cowboys

It's time to hand out game balls for the Cowboys' home victory against the Falcons! We've got one for a player from each unit: offense, defense, special teams. We've even got one for the coaching staff.


Tony Romo - What Romo did on Sunday was both methodical and amazing. Leading into the game, all the hype centered around the comparisons of Matt Ryan to Peyton Manning. But it was Romo who was the supreme master and commander of his offense. He threw with absolute confidence and was simply on target. That 59-yarder to Miles Austin was a thing of beauty. A deep crossing route is not the easiest of throws, but he and Austin made it look easy.

When the Cowboys pass protect as well as they did against Atlanta, Romo can pick a team apart with deadly accuracy. And when the protection broke down, he made plays with his legs, such as the TD-pass to Patrick Crayton just before halftime. He even scrambled for 31 yards on the day. Amazing improvisational skills, to say the least.

Even more amazing were his passing numbers for the game: 21 of 29 for 311 yards and 3 TDs to earn a whopping 141.6 QB rating.

Honorable Mention: Miles Austin, Flozell Adams

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Mike Jenkins - Who can make a tackle off the corner? Jenkins can. He proved it from the get-go by bringing down the big, squatty Michael Turner on the Falcons' opening drive. And then later on that same drive, he began his abuse of WR Michael Jenkins by pushing Roddy White into him. 

His interception in the middle of the second quarter showed both his physical strength and athleticism. After shoving the other Jenkins to the ground, he jumped in front of White to pull down the Ryan throw. Boy, he's got good hands for a corner, and he really brings it in run support. The argument can be made that he is the best CB on this team.

Honorable Mention: Gerald Sensabaugh, DeMarcus Ware


Special Teams

Patrick Crayton - After Allen Rossum got knocked out of the game, coach Joe DeCamillis sent both Crayton and Terence Newman out to return punts - with Crayton the deep guy. Crayton took a vicious hit on his first return, but gained some positive yardage. On his game-sealing 73-yard TD return, Newman had a great block that popped Crayton loose. They make a great tandem together, and Crayton shows a nice burst of straightaway speed.

After the Chiefs' game, the chips were down for Crayton. He responded like a veteran on Sunday in both the passing game and on special teams. Well done.

Honorable Mention: Pat Watkins, Nick Folk



Jason Garrett - With the Cowboys down 3-7 in the second quarter, Garrett did what every offensive coordinator should do when your team has momentum: go for the throat. DeMarcus Ware's strip of Matt Ryan had the Falcons reeling a bit, and then Garrett called the Romo to Austin 59-yarder. On that play, just like in the rest of the game, the Dallas backs handled the blitz pickup with fervor.

Garrett had his entire unit ready to pick apart the young Atlanta defense. And until late in the game, he did most of it through the air because they were taking away the running game. Instead of stubbornly sticking to his RBs, he went with his hot QB/WR combo and it paid off.

Honorable Mention: Wade Phillips, Joe DeCamillis

Who gets your game balls?

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