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Cowboys vs. Seahawks: Guests from the Great Northwest

So what's going with the visitors from the Great Northwest? The Seattle Seahawks make a visit to Texas this Sunday, coming in with a 2-4 record and they are winless on the road. Seattle's offense hasn't produced so far over the course of the season. Their running game is anemic, their passing game has some life, especially when Matt Hasselbeck plays, and they score around 19 points a game.

Their running game features ex-Cowboy Julius Jones along with Edgerrin James and Justin Forsett.

"We feel good using Julius and Edge on first and second downs and then Justin Forsett being the third-down guy for us, not only for his run ability, but his (pass) protection."

They signed T.J. Who's Your Mama this summer but Nate Burleson has actually out-produced T.J. by just a bit. They also have John Carlson at TE.

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Their defense has actually been pretty good, 9th overall and 7th in scoring. All of that even though the defense has been hurt by injury. They lost Lofa Tatupu, probably for the year, but they are getting two key guys back for this game (plus an offensive guard).

...left guard Rob Sims was back in full practice mode, a welcome sight for the injury-riddled offensive line.

Cornerback Marcus Trufant and linebacker Leroy Hill also are full go in their first weeks back. Mora said Hill would start and play most first- and second-down situations, then come off the field in nickel defense and obvious-passing situations.

Trufant will be the opposite, playing primarily in the nickel package in his first game since returning from a back injury suffered prior to training camp, while Josh Wilson maintains the starting role.

They do have one major issue. It's what Field Gulls has been talking about for the past few days. Left tackle Walter Jones is injured (he hasn't played this year) and may not ever play again. He's been a long-time stud for them at that critical position, and how his career may be over. Coincidentally, Jones' last game was against Dallas.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was steamrolled while being sacked seven times then missed the rest of last season. Left tackle Walter Jones tried to play through searing pain in his left knee with the aid of painkillers, then had Dallas' DeMarcus Ware blow by him repeatedly for sacks. Jones hasn't played since, and may never again.

More specific to this game, the Seahawks will have to start their 5th choice at LT in this game, Damien McIntosh. Besides Walter Jones, they lost three other left tackle candidates and now McIntosh will spend most of the day looking across the line at DeMarcus Ware. I wouldn't expect the Seahawks to leave McInstosh out there alone very often, expect lots of chips and double-teams from the TEs and RBs.

I asked a Kansas City Chiefs blogger about McIntosh, his first words:


That bodes well for Dallas. Here was his whole description

Old, not athletic. Signed a good sized deal with the Chiefs in '06, couldn't cut it at LT so they moved him to RT. We released him prior to the season, and the Chiefs have had major offensive line/offensive tackle problems. He worked out for Seattle in the first couple weeks of the season, then signed with them like two weeks ago. He said the Chiefs never called him, and he wouldn't have answered even if they did.

The Seahawks injury-riddled line has hurt them all year. With Ware rounding into form, and hyped off his new contract, he could have a huge day. Or, if the Seahawks decide that Ware isn't going to beat them and double and triple-team him, the rest of the line will have plenty of one-on-one opportunities to get to Hasselbeck.

In Cowboys news, the only injury we have at the moment is Allen Rossum, out 2-4 weeks Deon Anderson returned to practice today after missing yesterday with an illness. with a hamstring problem. With Rossum gone, Felix Jones is set to return kickoffs

Some Mike Jenkins love.

Wade Phillips' dad was a head coach in the NFL, as was Seattle's coach Jim Mora. Here's an article on them, and other father/son head coaching duos. 

And since we brought up Jim Mora, Sr. - I just had to...