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BTB on Sprint's NFL Mobile Live

Many of you know that this blog's content is promoted on a variety of sites like Yahoo,, and USA Today among others. Now, through a sponsorship deal between Sprint and SB Nation (our parent company), BTB content is available on NFL Mobile Live.

Full disclosure: As part of this deal, Sprint sent me a Palm Pre phone and free service for a finite period. But, just because I get something free from a company, doesn't mean I'll shill the product without the same review I give anything I put up here. But, it's only fair that you know the context.

If any of you have Sprint service and access to NFL Mobile Live, by now you may have seen our content up there. It's updated regularly and can be found under the "My Team" menu, which you've surely set up as the Cowboys. When big companies like Sprint, and by extension their deal with the NFL, chooses to use our content, well, that makes a blogger proud. Thanks everybody for supporting the blog, we continue to grow and continue to get recognition from large media companies.

Follow me below for more on the Sprint sponsorship, a way to win free Super Bowl tickets, and a brief explanation of commercialism and this blog.

Besides the BTB content on NFL Mobile Live, the app itself is pretty cool. I used it over the weekend to keep up with other games and it worked perfectly. It has an auto-refresh scoreboard with all the games going and the ability to drill down and follow one game. You can also listen to the radio broadcast from either team in a game. All in all, a nice design, good info and fast updates. If you're away from the TV, it's a great way to follow the games. Even at home, a good way to keep up-to-date on all the games.

As for the Palm Pre itself, it's a great phone. The main things I like are the ability to run and access multiple applications at one time and the mini-keyboard that slides out at the bottom. I've been using the phone for a week or so and really like it.

Each week, Sprint is posting three Can't-Miss plays, if you vote in the contest you can enter to win Super Bowl tickets. Unfortunately, one of the three plays this week is against our Cowboys.

Now, for that explanation on commercialism and this blog. I know some people are going to dislike the idea of this type of sponsored post. I understand that. In return, I would ask all the readers of this blog to understand that without cash inflow from advertisement deals, SB Nation would cease to exist, this awesome platform the we blog on would not exist, basically everything would be different and harder for us as short, we get a huge amount of benefit for being part of SB Nation.

Additionally, the more money this blog can generate in ad/sponsorship deals, the more the bloggers can concentrate on writing for the blog. None of the front-page writers can make a living only blogging here at BTB. In fact, we can't even come close. That means we all work other jobs that actually help put food on the table each week, so we blog when we can make time. We love doing it, but I just wanted everybody to understand that doing these types of deals only helps the writers spend more time blogging. So when you see these sponsored posts, or other ads on BTB, just remember that we're only trying to make the blog better and better.

We'll never cross sponsorship with actual content; you'll always know when a post is part of a sponsorship deal, like this one. That way, you can treat it accordingly.


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