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Cowboys Injury Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

Today's practice produced the following injury report.

The Good: After missing yesterday's practice with a sprained knee, Andre Gurode returned and says he thinks he'll be able to play on Sunday. He actually said that was the plan all along, Wednesday was just precautionary. That's good, the prospects of Cory Procter or Duke Preston getting snaps wasn't very appealing. We need the main man back in the middle of the line.

The Bad: I don't think anyone really expected Felix Jones to play this week, and by all indications he won't. He hasn't practiced and is doing re-hab work.

Also on the bad, Roy Williams, who missed a second practice on Thursday. This doesn't mean that Roy won't play, and he seems to think he will, if he can handle the pain on gameday. We'll probably have to wait until then to find out for sure. Even if he does play, he'll probably be somewhat limited.

The Unknown: Gerald Sensabaugh had his surgery for his broken thumb but hasn't practiced yet. No real word on what to expect for Sunday.

The WTF: Marttellus Bennett taking lessons from Patrick Crayton:

"I don't think this team loses to the Chiefs," Bennett said. "I'm not a 'what-if' guy. I'm a 'right-now' guy, reality guy. The way we've been preparing this week, I don't see it happening."

Marty B., let sleeping dogs lie. I dig that your confident, but just hold off to that kind of talk. We're 2-2, and we're going on the road. Not really the time to even hint at bulletin-board material.