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Packers Punish Cowboys 17-7

That game was brutal - on so many levels.

In the short-term, we just got punked by the Green Bay Packers. They punished the Cowboys to the tune of a 17-7 loss at Lambeau Field. The Cowboys offense was terrible, the defense hung tough for as long as they could, but eventually buckled late in the game. This was all on the offense, though. You only need to look at the points the offense put on the scoreboard to know why this game was an epic fail.

It was equally ugly long-term. Marc Colombo has a broken tibia which means Doug Free is part of the starting offensive line for the foreseeable future. I'll have to look at the film to see how Free did in this game, but the blame on the offense should be spread across the board. It will require a deep tape study to figure out all of what went wrong.

Also on the injury front, Ken Hamlin injured an ankle and Mike Jenkins hurt his bicep.

And the Packers hurt the Cowboys pride in this one.

The most important thing the Cowboys can do in the wake of this loss is to not start pointing fingers or making wild statements over the next few days. Dallas is still in first in the NFC East and they are 6-3 which is a good record at this point of the season. With the quick turnaround of games in the next two weeks because of Thanksgiving, the Cowboys need to hold their composure and get ready to win next week. If the Cowboys can pick up wins against the Redskins and the Raiders, which is very doable, they can get over this particular momentum-killer quickly.

Every once in a while you get kicked in the teeth in this game, that just happened to the Cowboys.

It's what you do after the beating that matters.

(Please don't foul up the board with a bunch of profanity or name-calling, I will be vigilant about that.)

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