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Happy Thanksgiving From BTB


I decided to go with a classic image for Thanksgiving. Kind of reminds me of Nick Folk kicking lately. I kid!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Thanks to all of you for your patronage of BTB and all the excellent FanPosts and comments we get here on the blog. This community is active and growing, I couldn't ask for anything more.

The schedule for today - use this as an open thread for Thanksgiving talk, Cowboys talk, and the Lions/Packers game. I'll be eating some turkey during the first game, then about 15 minutes or so before the Cowboys game, I'll put up the gameday open thread and we'll run a regular game schedule.

We need a victory today, and it would be nice if we basically drop-kicked the Raiders butts out of the stadium. But when it gets this late in the season, and the chase for the  division and the playoffs are in full swing, I say - no matter how you win, just make sure you win.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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