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The VRR: An Almost-December Edition

Ken Hamlin didn't participate in the practice today according to Wade Phillips at his press conference. They'll check with Hamlin on Wednesday to see where he's at. Also, Victor Butler sprained his knee in the game, it's a light sprain, they'll check his status on Wednesday.

A key to all the winning lately? Tony Romo.

Since that Giants' game, Romo has had four passes intercepted to go with 13 touchdown passes. He has had five games without an interception, and he is on pace to throw a career-low 10 interceptions. His previous low was 13 and that came in 11 games (10 starts) in 2006 and he had 14 last year in 13 starts.

One key to the rise of the defense, is the play of Mike Jenkins.

The turnaround coincided with Phillips naming Mike Jenkins the starter over Orlando Scandrick at right cornerback in Week 3. Jenkins' three interceptions lead the team. His 12 pass breakups are second only to left corner Terence Newman's 13.

"Mike Jenkins is hard to throw against," Phillips said. "He jams them up well. Our pass defense has been good because we've been able to count on him."

But, the Cowboys still have problems. Penalties, Nick Folk, the 3rd down offense and...

... For all the good the Cowboys defense has done, their inability to turn the ball over is glaring. The Cowboys have intercepted only seven passes on the year. They just don't give the offense short fields to work with. They are excelling vs. the run and most importantly they don't allow many points. They are in the midst of a nine-week stretch in which they haven't given up more than 21 points. But they have only 13 turnovers on the year.

Oh, and by the way, in case you didn't know, it will be December soon.


Giants, Chargers and Saints, oh my. Welcome to December, Dallas Cowboys, meet your first three opponents — desperate, hot and smoking hot.

December II

Can the Cowboys reverse the downward trend? Sure, if they have three main elements: an entrenched coach, a quarterback whose big plays dwarf his misses and a high-scoring offense.

December III

Romo is 15-2 in November after going 4-1 this season. But in December and January, he's 5-10, including 0-2 in the playoffs. The Cowboys struggled late in the season long before Romo arrived. Since 1996, Dallas is 19-39 in December and January, including 0-5 in the playoffs.

December IV

At last, it's here. Well technically, the month of December is still a couple of days away, but when the Cowboys suit up for their next game, the calendar will be turned to that final month of the year and we all know what that means around here. It means, the real season is finally upon us

Or you can just check in with Raf, who broke December down, here.

I wanted to get in on the December song lyric game.

December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing

- December, Collective Soul

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