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Dallas Defenders Decry 'Dirty Points'

73 yards = 41 points

The Cowboys don't have a stellar defense, yardage wise.  Demarcus and the Gang rank 22nd overall, and are still trying to overcome the yards they hemorrhaged in the Bucs and Giants games.  

They are much better in points allowed, ranking 10th with 19.4 per game, and would be much better if the offense and special teams practiced better ball custody. Consider the short fields the defense has had to defend:

Versus New York

  • Romo interception returned for a touchdown;
  • Felix Jones fumbles a kickoff at his own 27.  Dallas gives up 18 yards and a field goal.
  • Jason Witten backheels a pass into Kenny Phillips' hands.  New York drives 28 yards for a touchdown
  • Total -- 46 yards allowed, 17 points

Versus Denver

  • The Broncos drive eight yards after a Romo fumble for a touchdown.
  • Total -- 8 yards, 7 points

Versus Kansas City

  • Patrick Crayton fumbles on his own 22. The Chiefs are driven back six yards and kick a field goal.
  • Tony Romo fumbles away a center snap. K.C. drives sixteen yards for a touchdown.
  • Total -- 10 yards, 10 points

Versus Seattle

  • Romo fumbles a pass attempt on his nine.  Seattle drives for a touchdown.
  • Total -- 9 yards, 7 points.

The defense must hate those last three games. They surrender just 27 yards on four red zone series,an average of 6.75 yards per possession, and 24 points go up on the board.

I understand I'm examining this in a vacuum.  It would be very interesting to see how all the NFL defenses would rank if you discounted "dirty points" or awarded the to their offenses.  (Maybe deducting them from the offense's point totals might be a more just way of accounting for them?)

Those 41 points are the difference between 19.4 points per game and 13.6 points per game.  For arguments sake, that latter number would rank 2nd in the league, between the Colts' 13.0 ppg., and the Broncos' 13.7.

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