Cowboy Voodoo in the Bayou

Last night was magically special. In a city known for mystique, potions, spells and voodoo, it was the Cowboys for whom the stars aligned. Even us optimists were a little squeamish going in. We had no chance (said most). The Saints were 13-0, we were 0 for December, it was a road game game and it was a big game. Raf laid out the tarot cards and provided Six Simple Steps to knocking off an undefeated team saying it was "simple to identify, difficult to execute". Well we saw a "perfect storm" last night as our team checked off on all 6 steps on their way to a monumental win.

But there was something more, something intangible that won't show up on any stat sheet...Cowboy Voodoo. We all have our own superstitions and rituals on game day. Be they spells, chants, potions or magic shrouds, they're part of our game day routine that MUST be adhered to come hell or high water. After all, you don't want to be the one who causes a loss by sitting on the wrong end of the couch or putting on the wrong gear or consuming the wrong beverage, right? But this was a huge game, so we had to scout ourselves, we had to change it up and bring out the big guns. We needed to break the fire glass on the "magic jersey" and will this team on with some voodoo of our own.

So BTB nation? What was your special voodoo last night? Let's hear your story.

I went over to my business partner's house to watch the game up in his man cave. Just for the occasion, he grilled up some special hot wings made with Louisiana hot sauce and called them "Who Dat Wings". We ate some pre-game and boom, just like that, we're up 14-0. It must be the wings. We stopped eating and things slowed down for the boys. Wing in hand, Tim says "We need a turnover." Two plays later, Shazam, a Jenkins pick. Then a Ware sack/fumble on the next defensive series. It must be the wings. We stopped eating again and when the Saints mounted a comeback in the 4th, we knew what we had to do for the team. Wing Blitz. In a flurry of sauce, meat and bones, we consumed Who Dat Wings at a rate that would have made Joey Chestnut give us an "at a boy". When it was over we were celebrating the win of the season so far. It must be the wings.

I've got 4 "Who Dat Wings" saved in the fridge. Can't wait to see the look on the taxidermist's face when I tell them I want 'em stuffed and mounted.



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