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And the Mutts Shall Lead Them

Something to chew on while I finish my piece on the assistant coaches:

The '90s Cowboys had pedigrees.  They were led by the Triplets, three show dogs with all the proper papers.  Consider:

  • Troy Aikman, 1st pick in '89;
  • Michael Irvin, 11th overall pick in '88;
  • Emmitt Smith, 17th overall pick in '90.

Jay Novacek was a no-name, plan-B, UFA originally with the Arizona Cardinals.  He was the exception.  The other supporting skill position guys also were high picks.  Alvin Harper was 12th overall pick in '91, and Daryl Johnston was a high 2nd rounder in '89.

Now, look at the current offensive triad.  They're the All-Pound All Stars:

  • Tony Romo, undrafted free agent in '03;
  • Miles Austin, undrafted free agent in '06;
  • Marion Barber, 4th round pick in '05.

Felix Jones' increased workload the last two weeks may be the start of a trend, and could blow up my low-rent, high-skilled position meme, but a continued push by Kevin Ogletree would give the Cowboys the surreal, yet real chance of starting playoff drive games with a quarterback and two receivers who nobody drafted.


(Can anybody think of another team that is or has turned so many UFAs and late draftees into producers?  Patrick Crayton is a 7th, while Deon Anderson and John Phillips are 6th rounders.  Tashard Choice is, like Barber, a 4th rounder.)

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