BTB can help underprivellaged kids to read with a click!

Hey guys, I'll keep this short since it's not Cowboy related. I've already spoke to Grizz about it and he graciously gave the green light. I figured what better place to come to ask for help than BTB!

My father works for Super Stars Literacy, a non profit organization, working with underprivileged children who have fallen behind on their reading skills. A few important notes their site gives us;

•Children who grow up in poverty receive as little as 40 hours’ exposure to print material prior to entering school, compared to children of wealthy parents, who received an average of 1000 hours exposure.

•There is an almost 90% chance that a child who is a poor reader at the end of grade 1 will be a poor reader in grade 4.

•Children not reading at grade level by the end of the third grade are at serious risk of never graduating from high school.

Currently, $10,000 is being offered to 3 non profit organizations. The more we vote, the more money we help SSL receive. All I'm asking you to do is to click your mouse 3 times. You can vote once a day I believe. Voting ends on Jan 15th!


2. Mouse over the Super Stars Literacy logo at the bottom on the sticky note and click "select".

3. When it asks you to donate $1 click yes (the $1 comes from the already established $10,000 fund, not your wallet).

Thanks so much for your help BTB. Hope you and your familys have a happy new year, and GO COWBOYS!


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