Answering Your Chargers Questions

Hey guys. I'm John and I run Bolts From The Blue, SB Nation's community for Chargers fans. I'm here to do what I've been doing all season, which is to answer any questions you guys have about the Chargers.

I'll start off with a few opinions/talking points and we'll take it from there. Post your questions in the comments and please Rec this post so that it stays towards the top of the page until gametime.

  • I'll admit it. I was a Cowboys fan. Up until 1998, when I knew little about football and lived in New Jersey, I would proudly cheer on Troy, Emmitt and Michael. I even had a Cowboys comforter on my bed. When my family moved to San Diego in '98, my dad decided we'd become Chargers/Padres fans and bought season tickets for one of the worst teams of all time. I've been bleeding powder blue and gold ever since.
  • I read Boys Will Be Boys and thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me like some of the people I already liked a little more (Irvin, Jimmy Johnson, etc.). I also got teared-up the first time I saw 88's Hall of Fame speech.
  • I watched Hard Knocks last year, and it made me dislike TO (who I really didn't mind before that) and Pac Man. Good thing they're both gone now.
  • The upcoming game makes me feel confident and scared at the same time. I feel confident that the Chargers offense will score points. That's because the Cowboys don't have a cornerback that's over 5'11" and the Chargers have four WRs that are over 6'4" (if you include Antonio Gates). I check the height of the opposing CBs every week now, and the teams that don't have strong corners that are at least 6'1" really struggle to stop the passing game. I'm also terrified that the Chargers, who have struggled to slow down anyone's running game and seem completely hopeless at trying to tackle any "power running backs", will not be able to get Dallas' offense off the field and will not be able to keep them from scoring at will.
  • I like stats. Scratch that, I love stats. If you have a point of debate or contention, do not be offended if I ask you to back it up with stats. I understand that a big part of football is what the human eye sees, but most point can be backed up with statistics if you look hard enough.

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