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Cowboys say goodbye to Pacman, but what about T.O.?

The Pacman era officially ended yesterday. Pacman went out in his own inimitable style by stating:

"I still think I'm one of the best players on that team," Jones said. "It is what it is."

I, for one, am happy to see this happen. I'm not a hater on Pac, but it was time to go.

And of course, the T.O. situation continues to be discussed in many places. The Cowboys own website,  the NFL Network, and FOX Sports. But Mike Lombardi offers up a strong opinion that this thing has been decided. 

When, not if, is the real question everyone is asking about T.O.  He will not be back, but the team is still deciding when to make the announcement of his termination or trade.  

Maybe Jones can work a trade out to send Owens to the Raiders since they have a huge need at wideout and have never been afraid to take on a big challenge.  This will be interesting to follow as it develops.

Hmm, no wiggle room in that declaration. He better know something or he could end up looking foolish if T.O. is on the team in 2009.

With the Cowboys needing to make decisions on free agents Zach Thomas and Kevin Burnett, ILB is a hot position for FA/draft speculation concerning Dallas. We've been talking about Ray Lewis but as many have pointed out it might be the other Ravens LB we want to go after. Turns out the New York Jets, with ex-Ravens DC Rex Ryan as coach, might be thinking the same thing.

The Ravens linebacker that the Jets really need to zero in on is 28-year-old inside linebacker Bart Scott, who along with Lewis and Terrell Suggs is also an unrestricted free agent. With Jets starting veteran inside linebacker Eric Barton an unrestricted free agent, the Jets have an opening at the inside linebacker spot alongside David Harris and Scott would be a perfect fit if the Jets can afford him.

The Jets would also have the advantage with Rex Ryan in the fold. It's still uncertain whether Jerry Jones will look to land a high-profile free agent, but if he does try, Scott might be a good target.

Also, another hot-button position for the Cowboys is safety. The Jets too, and they might be looking at the Ravens again.

Also, look for the Jets to make a strong bid for Ravens safety Jim Leonard. The Jets have been searching for someone to play opposite Kerry Rhodes for the past several seasons and Leonard is likely their man.

Would Dallas have any interest there?

Meanwhile, franchising Lewis would be expensive.

Adam Schefter, of, reports if the Baltimore Ravens were to place the franchise tag on impending free-agent LB Ray Lewis it will cost them $11,313,600 million, not the $8,304,000 million that previously has been widely reported. The increased figure is because the franchise number must either be the average of the top five players at the position or 120 percent of a player's prior year salary - whichever is greater. In Lewis' case, the 120 percent raise from last year's salary is greater.

The DMN looks at the backup QB's free agent market.  BTB-reader Kansas has a FanPost up discussing Jeff Garcia. What other names on the DMN blog list do you like?

By the way, here's the link to the FA list compiled by SBN


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