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Jerry Jones hints about T.O.'s future; also names a defensive coordinator for the Cowboys

Jerry Jones addressed the media today to talk about Jerry World and all the wonderful musical acts that are going to play there. But the real news is what he said about Terrell Owens. Read between the lines on this answer when he was asked about the Cowboys roster today.

"You and I both know that the one you're asking about all the time, if I gave you the answer that you want to hear, then you would have already had it," he said. "So the fact you don't have it ought to tell you something."

Sounds like Jerry is saying the media wants to hear that T.O. will be cut and that if that was going to be the case, they would have already heard that. Best guesses from this say that T.O. is going to stay. While not definitive and cloaked in Jerry-speak, it's the closest thing we have to date.

Or am I reading it wrong? Thoughts?

Meanwhile, the other big news from Jerry today. We have hired a defensive coordinator and his name is...Wade Phillips

The third-year coach of the Cowboys will also be the team's defensive coordinator, owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday. Jones was attending a news conference to announce the concert schedule at the Cowboys new stadium.

Well, now we know why there was no hurry in hiring one. Even though Wade Phillips is the best defensive coordinator we could have gotten, I don't like him having both the head coach position and the coordinator position. He should at least have someone to help him out there. My guess is he's going to lean heavily on somebody like Campo or Grantham. Again, what say you?


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